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The 3rd Shenzhen Cross-Border E-Commerce Expo

The 91st China Electronics Fair entered the peak period of investment, and it is less than two months from the opening of the exhibition at April 9. As a highly anticipated Chinese electronics industry event, which companies and products will be exhibited at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center? The editor compiled the exhibitor newsletter for everyone, and take you to the exhibition in advance.

Company Name: Howeasy Board (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd.
Booth No.: 1B346

Howeasy Board (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd. established in 2017, and concentrates on LCD writing products development and production. The company's products, LCD writing screen, and LCD writing boards sell well in domestic market and have been export to over 30 countries around the world.

Howeasy board products adopt the breakthrough technology –  Bistable Flexible LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) Technology.

When pressure is put on the surface of the LCD screen, the LCD molecules will change from normal state to another, which can reflex ambient light. Therefore, you can display words, patterns and graphics by writing on the LCD screen.

The LCD Writing Board is suitable for designer, office assistant, teacher, students and perfect for kids!

Needn’t a pen or chalk, you can simple write and draw on the LCD writing tablet with your finger nail. There is no dust or ink, no waste of papers compares to traditional method of writing. And it is eco-friendly, harmless, clean and healthy.

Welcome to find more amazing products at the 91st China Electronics Fair at Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center.

The 91st China Electronics Fair

The 91st China Electronics Fair

The 91st China Electronics Fair

The 91st China Electronics Fair

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