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LCD Writing Screen (Customized)

LCD Writing Screen
The bistable liquid crystal screen has the advantages of energy saving, lightweight, flexibility, etc., and has important application value in the fields of portable display devices such as e-books, smart cards, and writing tablets, etc.

Howeasy company’s liquid crystal writing screen makes full use of the bistable characteristics of the liquid crystal molecules and utilizes the reflection display principle of the liquid crystal molecules. It does not require a polarizing plate and a color filter, does not require a backlight, and can display a stable content without an external electric field for a long time, so the power consumption is extremely low. And it is widely used in the field of high-grade electronic paper and writing board.

Howeasy’s LCD writing screen is self-developed, self-produced, with exclusive formula and complete intellectual property. Our lcd writing tablet board has the advantages of high brightness, high contrast, high writing precision, scratch resistance, adjustable thickness and display color, good flexibility, etc., and can be customized into different sizes according to the needs of customers.

LCD Writing Screen

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