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Howeasy LCD Writing Pad

30 & 43 & 62 & 70 & 88 Inch LCD Writing Board

Product Functions & Features

1. Environmentally friendly, replacing paper and ink, can be repeatedly erased more than 100,000 times.
2. High precision without delay, fine handwriting, no difference from traditional paper writing.
3. Clear, high brightness and contrast, and the writing content of the large board products is clearly visible from over 10 meters.
4. No power is required for writing; the power consumption is extremely low when erasing.
5. The products need no backlight, uses reflected light, and the light does not irritate the eyes, and has a wide viewing angle of 180 degrees.
6. One-button erasing or partial erasing, convenient and fast, no dust pollution and no chemical residue.
7. Real transmit and sense writing pressure, retaining original handwriting.
8. With one-click erasure and partial erasure function, easy to correct mistakes.
9. Built-in lithium battery, USB charging port, convenient to use.

Product size:30 & 43 & 62 & 70 & 88 inch
Product Color:
Line Color: Dark Green
Line thickness: thin thick
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  • Specifications

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LCD writing board is a kind of displaying device that uses newly discovery flexible liquid crystal materials to display words, patterns and graphics by pressure. You can write or draw with gentle pressure. The LCD writing tablet drawing board is extremely low power consumption; it only uses power when you erase the screen. It is convenient, needn’t a chalk or pen, clean by pressing a button, light weight, portable, ultra-low energy consumption and eye protection.
This electronic blackboard is perfect for school classroom, office meeting room, bulletin board, etc.
The standard writing stylus isn't the only tool you can use to write on the Howeasy Board, either. Anything from a finger to a stiff brush can be used to light up the pressure-sensitive surface. 

1. BIG SIZE: Ultra big size, so that you could write lots contents on it, use for teaching and education, making your working lists, analyzing market, marking meeting notes.
2. ECO-FRIENDLY: You needn't a chalk or marker pen to write, therefore, it is no dust and ink, very clean. Teachers and students are no more suffering from dusty environment, protect their health. 
3. BRIGHTER LINES: The newest LCD screen enables Howeasy board to be brighter, you don't need to worry about the brightness anymore!
4. MODERN AND HIGH-TECH: Upgrade your office meeting room and classroom with the latest LCD blackboard.
5. STANDARD DESIGN: Concise, simple but utility design, you need to fits into the standard blackboard frame or stand.
6. RECHARGEABLE: Built-in lithium battery, USB charging port, convenient to use.
7. EASY CORRECTION: With one-click erasure and partial erasure function, easy to correct mistakes.

Product Color


Font Color

 Dark green


 Rechargeable 1600 mah lithium battery

Shell Materials

 Aluminum alloy

Screen Materials

 Flexible LCD screen, scratch-resistant & anti-dazzling film


 Over 100,000 times re-write

Working Temperature


Storage Temperature


30 inch
Carton Size: 660*510*80 mm
G.W.: 3.50 KGS
QTY/CTN: 1 pcs

43 inch
Carton Size: 970*670*80 mm
G.W.: 5.7 KGS
QTY/CTN: 1 pcs

62 inch
Carton Size: 1280*1110*80 mm;
G.W.: 12.50 KGS
QTY/CTN: 1 pcs

70 inch
Carton Size: 1560*1050*80 mm;
G.W.: 14.6 KGS
QTY/CTN: 1 pcs

88 inch
Carton Size: 2060*1050*80 mm;
G.W.: 20.2 KGS
QTY/CTN: 1 pcs
  • LCD Pressure Sensitive Blackboard

    Education Equipment & Business Office & Home Tutoring
    LCD Pressure Sensitive Blackboard

  • Product Specifications

    Product Specifications

  • Six Advantages

    Six Advantages

  • Pressure Sensitive Fluent Writing

    Pressure Sensitive Fluent Writing

  • One-click Erasure

    One-click Erasure

  • Partial Erasure Function

    Partial Erasure Function

  • Eraser Lock

    Eraser Lock

  • USB Rechargeable

    USB Rechargeable

  • No Dust, No Ink, Environmental-friendly

    No Dust, No Ink, Environmental-friendly

  • Application Scenarios

    Application Scenarios

  • 62 & 43 inch

    62 & 43 inch

  • 43 & 30 inch

    43 & 30 inch

  • 30 inch

    30 inch

  • 3 Size for Choice

    Rechargeable Partial Erasure Function
    3 Size for Choice

  • Front

    Flexible LCD Screen

  • Back

    Aluminum Alloy Frame

  • Parts and Functions

    Give you a better writing experience
    Parts and Functions

  • FAQ

    Better Service

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