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Howeasy LCD Writing Pad

8.5 & 10 & 12 Inch Kids LCD Tablets

Product Functions & Features

  1. Howeasy erasable tablet adopts reflex display technology, pressure-sensitive LCD.
  2. Best Alternative to Paper, Pens, chalks, whiteboard and blackboard.
  3. Perfect for Memos, Practicing Handwriting / Arithmetic, Drawing & Pictures.
  4. For All Ages. Easy to Use. Stylus Included.
  5. Erase the image with the touch of a button.
  6. The lcd writing screen is covered by scratch-resistant & anti-dazzling film.
  7. The case is made from durable ABS plastic materials.
  8. Safe for school use and all around the house, office and car.

Product size:8.5 & 10 & 12 Inch
Product Color: 8.5-10-inch-kids-lcd-tablets-3Red 8.5-10-inch-kids-lcd-tabletsBlue 8.5-10-inch-kids-lcd-tablets-2Green
Line Color: Dark Green Rainbow Color
Line thickness: thin thick
  • Introduction

  • Specifications

  • Packing Info

LCD writing board is a kind of electronic device that uses high tech flexible liquid crystal technology to display words, patterns and graphics by pressure. You can write or draw with gentle pressure. The writing pad is extremely low power consumption; it only uses power when you erase the screen. A button battery can last for 1 year, you can repeatedly erase the screen for over 5000~10000 time per battery, that is equal to help save 5000~10000 papers (one tree). It is convenient, needn’t a chalk or pen, clean by pressing a button, light weight, portable, ultra-low energy consumption and eye protection.
This paperless LCD writing screen is perfect for leaving messages, learn drawing sketching ideas, and practicing anything from handwriting to calculus without killing a single tree.
The standard stylus isn't the only tool you can use to write on the Howeasy Board, either. Anything from a finger to a stiff brush to a cookie cutter can be used to light up the pressure-sensitive surface. If you or your geekling are personally responsible for the death of forests worth of trees per year, consider the environmental impact of having one totally renewable Howeasy Board. The LCD display lasts for at least 100,000 erasures, which is a whole lot of doodling and noting. Save a tree, Howeasy down with us.

Product Name

Howeasy Board LCD graphic digital drawing tablet for kids


Howeasy, or OEM customized

8.5 inch Size

223*150*8.4 mm

10 inch Size

263*174*8.1 mm

Product Color

blue, green, pink

Font Color

dark green


CR2025 button cell

Plastic Materials


Screen Materials

Flexible LCD screen, scratch-resistant film


8.5inch:117 g / 10inch:151g


over 100,000 times re-write

Working Temperature


Storage Temperature


package of 8.5 & 10 Inch Kids LCD Tablets

    Early Education For kids, Good Helper For Mother

  • Parents' Trouble

    Are you worrying about these troubles?
    Parents' Trouble

  • Writing as on paper

    Writing as on paper

  • Low consumption flexible liquid screen

    Low consumption flexible liquid screen

  • Eraser button

    Eraser button

  • Sturdy and durable

    Sturdy and durable

  • No dust no ink, environmental-friendly

    No dust no ink, environmental-friendly

  • Lock function, prevent content deletion

    Lock function,  prevent content deletion

  • Children early education

    Children early education

  • Using in classroom

    Using in classroom

  • Happy family time

    Happy family time

  • 3 colors, free selection

    3 colors, free selection

  • Package Show

    Package Show

  • Parameters and using manual

    Parameters and using manual


    1. Writing area. Pressure writing theory, writing by fingertip and pen.
    2. Erase button. Clear content after press the erase button.
    3. Pen. Pull out the pen for writing.
    4. No need Charge. Please open battery cover to replace the battery.
    5. Lock Function. Lock content cannot be deleted after turn on lock key.


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