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Howeasy LCD Writing Pad

Electronic LCD Drawing & Writing Tablet/Board By Display Color

The principle of the liquid crystal tablet is to utilize the characteristics of the bistable liquid crystal. When the pressure acts on the surface of the LCD drawing tablet, the track can be recorded and only a weak power is required when the drive is refreshed to achieve low power consumption of the product.

The bistable liquid crystal has the following advantages:

  • Zero-field bistable display, no need to refresh and no need for backlight, which really takes advantage of the micro-power consumption of liquid crystal display.
  • It adopts reflected light display, is easy to realize color, and is readable in sunlight, suitable for outdoor display.
  • No polarizing plate is needed, which greatly improves the display brightness.
  • Under zero electric field, each pixel of the display can be stabilized in different reflection states for a long time.
  • The drive circuit is relatively simple, and especially suitable for e-books, electronic curtains and commercial advertising.
Howeasyboard LCD tablet with regular dark green and color (rainbow) handwriting options: ordinary dark green handwriting products are simple and practical, with clear writing and soft reflection light. Long-term using does not harm children's eyesight.

Different color displays can be achieved by adding different ingredients to the liquid crystal formulation.

The color (rainbow) handwriting products are rich in color and are more popular among children, which can stimulate children's creative enthusiasm.
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