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Howeasy LCD Writing Pad

Electronic LCD Drawing & Writing Tablet/Board By Function

Partial clear technology has always been a technical bottleneck in the LCD electronic tablet industry. Howeasyboard Company launches the latest 10-inch, 20-inch, 58-inch products to solve the pain point in the industry. Users can accurately correct subtle errors, retain their previous work and no longer need to clear them all. The breakthrough of this technology makes the LCD tablet really write like the paper and pencil, blackboard and chalk and no longer worry about writing errors. The partial clear products also retain a one-click clear function and users can quickly clear the screen.
  • One-click clear: just press the clear button twice, the dense contents can be cleared all at once, very simple and fast;
  • Partial clear: press and hold the clear button while erasing the error needs to be corrected with the eraser at the end of the pen.
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