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Howeasy LCD Writing Pad

Electronic LCD Drawing & Writing Tablet/Board in Different Sizes

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LCD paper writing without paper, replacing stickers, sketches and whiteboards, can be used for notes, messages, to-do items, shopping lists, paintings, arithmetic, games, scoring and math check, etc.. Unlimited use! The LCD writing tablet board adopts low-power flexible liquid crystal display technology, which not only has low power consumption, but also has a large viewing angle. It does not require polarizers and can display perfect writing strokes by relying on external light. The electronic chalkboard tablet is light and easy to carry around, allowing you to Use it anywhere. It can be written freely depending on the pressure, and the fingertips can be used. It is easy to eliminate the writing with a single press of the clear button. Electronic lcd drawing pad can save 100,000 sheets with a minimum of 100,000 times. The outer casing is made of liquid crystal panel made of plastic. The high writing precision and sensitivity can be compared with the hard pen writing effect. In addition to the feeling of writing on paper being different from writing on the traditional paper, it can bring you endless writing fun, and you will not let go when you pick it up. With a writing pen, it is convenient to take the detachable back cover and replace the battery at will. It adopts low-function flexible liquid crystal display technology, bistable liquid flexible crystal film, and the writing area is wider and lighter and more convenient to carry.

Our products are available in 5-inch, 8.5-inch, 10-inch, 12-inch, 20-inch and 58-inch standard sizes depending on the user's different needs and usage scenarios. For customers with special needs, we can also customize special sizes according to customer requirements.
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