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Howeasy LCD Writing Pad

Electronic LCD Drawing & Writing Tablet/Board By User

Howeasyboard LCD electronic tablet is not limited to the use of people, and it is very novel for children or adults painting, writing, interactive communication. LCD electronic tablet has become a must-have product for every family, writing and drawing, memo records, and a wide range of uses. If users understand this children's smart LCD tablet with the environmental protection and energy saving, the convenience of the one-click clear button and the real experience of technology to change the benefits of life, they will love it. The main application scenarios of Howeasyboard products are children's drawing board, exercise book, memo, replacing traditional teaching blackboard, office whiteboard, store bulletin board, etc. Our products are also suitable for deaf-mute people to communicate.

For people: children, business people, teachers, deaf and so on.

1. Interior designer: do you need to discuss the plan with the customer? Put the grass picture on the tablet! It is easy to communicate and can be modified at any time.
2. UI designer, industrial designer: usually design a small icon, draw a draft or something, use Howeasyboard easily to get started, not waste paper.
3. Office workers: can be used to record daily to-do items, or communicate with the boss of various creative inspiration, idle nothing to draw two for decompression is also excellent!
4. The person who loves to draw: directly taking it as a sketch board is also no problem, and it is simply a landscape sketch artifact!
5. Warm home: it can also be a family message board, remind you of important things at any time, or write some warm and romantic little love words.
6. People who like sports: you can also use it for tactical analysis and guidance and it also can be quickly understood!
7. Student Party: drawing a chart and doing arithmetic should be drafted. With it, I don’t know how much draft paper can be saved. Economic and environmental protection can also make the desktop more tidy.
8. The "bear" child at home: everyone has a "a devil who creates chaos" in the family, hyperactive, mischievous, fearing that the world is not chaotic. Not only will you make yourself a painted face, but you will also make your home a "painted face".  But is there any way? Still not a favorite, cannot kill the child's creativity. At this time,  it is the right time to give a Howeasyboard tablet to him or her. There is no need for pen and ink. The child wants to graffiti. The most important thing is that it has no stroboscopic, no radiation, no backlighting and eye safety for children. It has achieved a very comprehensive protection for children'eyes. It can produce excellent writing effects based on natural light. This cannot be done by the cheap tablet on the market! No wonder The handwriting of the Howeasyboard tablets is so good.
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