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Howeasy LCD Writing Pad

Colorful (Rainbow Color) LCD Writing & Drawing Tablets/Board/Pad

HOWEASY LCD handing writing notepads are the best tool for family/ party fun activities. Allow kids to always have a blank canvas to explore their creativity wherever they are. The magnetic drawing pen draws in different colors. Take the mess out of painting and unleash your child’s inner artist with HOWEASY colorful LCD handwriting notepad! Furthermore, it makes children feel just like writing with pen on paper. The colorful writing takes kids for much more fun! The button is also kindly for kids: erase images and words with only touch of a button.

Other features of HOWEASY Colorful (Rainbow Color) LCD Writing & Drawing Tablets/Board/Pad

1. Environment and eye-friendly: Easy and quick editing of your work. You have no more use for papers, pens, pencils or erasers. Help stop the environmental problems now!
2. Convenience: The case and LCD are made from durable plastic materials
3. Long lifespan: super writing pen is made of durable POM material
4. Also Suitable for designer, business man, teacher, students and artist.
5. Safe and fun: With erasing lock to avoid accidentally erased while you writing
6. Protect your eyes: designed with special technology to protect your eyes so they shouldn’t tire when using the tablet.

1. It should be used at 0 ~ 40 degree.
2. Avoid to contact water or soak in the liquid.
3. Avoid scratching the screen by using sharp objects.
4. Please use easy fabric to wipe it.
5. Do not worry, If the display has a lot of shade areas. As the mobile phone screen, it’s normal. You just should click the button to clear it.
6. Write or paint to keep away from hand on the drawing board, to keep away from the screen appears other colors,If it appears, just press the button to clean.
7. There are many colors when writing. Do no longer worry that the screen will flash when you clear the screen. It is normal because this is strain touchy display and write on it have many colors.

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