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Howeasy LCD Writing Pad

Dark Green Writing & Drawing Tablets/Board/Pad

HOWEASY, as the member of the China Education Equipment Industry Association and other industry organizations, will continue to lead the development of the flexible LCD writing industry and contribute to the world's environmental protection cause in the future.

Why choose the Howeasy Dark Green Handwriting Notepad?

1. Simple and practical, clear writing
2. The reflected light is soft, and it will not make the eyes tired if used for a long time.
3. Long-term use does not harm children's eyesight
4. No colorful writing makes the page more refreshing and clean, especially suitable for office usage

Say goodbye to Paper!
HOWEASY LCD Writing Tablet will substitute the frequent writing tools, such as memo note, sketchbook, white board as properly as other tools of writing and drawing, with various uses, quite simply follow it to the office, college or home.
  • The battery of the lcd handwriting notepad is replaceable and can last months!
  • Provides convenient and convenient storage for the stylus
  • Ultra thin plan makes it convenient to take it somewhere you want!
  • Has no electromagnetic radiation making completely protected for adolescents and adults’eyes
  • Lightweight and durable, perfect for on the go use
  • Comes with Stylus that writes smoothly and easily
  • Clear the whole screen with a single button press
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