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Howeasy LCD Writing Pad

LCD Writing Tablet For Office Staff

HOWEASY business LCD writing tablet is a very practical business script board. High cost-effective business script board, not only make our office environment low cost, and make a contribution to the cause of environmental protection.

HOWEASY business LCD writing tablet features:

1. Flexible liquid crystal writing technology:
The flexible liquid crystal pressure sensing technology has a pen-like pressure induction with a digital plate. If you want the feel of writing on a piece of paper, the fingertip of the other hard objects can write smoothly.

2. Flexible LCD display with low energy consumption:
The tablet uses no power at all during writing and consumes it when you press the erase button.

3. Wear-resisting and not easy to bad:
Wear-resistant LCD screen and ABS reinforced frame, do not worry about damage.

4. Green environmental protection:
no powder, no dust, no ink, can be used repeatedly.

5. Prevent content from being deleted:
convenient lock switch design can be used to help you lock important content.

6. Interior designer:
Do you need to discuss plans with clients?Just put the sketch on the tablet! It is convenient to communicate and can be modified at any time.

7. UI designers and industrial designers:
You can design a little icon and use at any moment. It's easy, fast and efficient to capture any moment of inspiration.
Draw a draft: use a handy writing pad and don't waste paper.

8. Office worker:
  • Instead of a convenience label: It can be used to keep a daily to-do list or to communicate ideas to your boss.
  • Decompression tools: Free of nothing to draw two pens to reduce pressure is also excellent!
  • Meeting summary: Easy to write large screen tablet can be used for meeting discussion, follow up meeting needs to revise the content at any time.
  • Training: Easy to write with large LCD panel can highlight the main point, training more efficient.
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