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LCD Writing Tablet For Teachers

HOWEASY LCD Writing Tablet For Teachers. Good and easy to write is a leading global manufacturer of intelligent writing materials, pressure sensitive writing and equipment. There are more than 20 core technologies and patents in the field of new materials, pressure-sensitive writing and education equipment. It is the first domestic high-tech enterprise with completely independent intellectual property rights in pressure sensitive writing board industry.

The features of LCD Writing Tablet For Teachers

1. Pressure-sensitive writing: a pen, finger, or any hard object can touch the screen to write a painting.
2. One key to clear: no eraser is required. Press the clear key to restore the blank screen.
3. Green environmental protection: save paper, no dust, repeated use.
4. Eye protection: soft light, no irritation to the eyes, protect children's vision.
5. Durable: the built-in battery supports up to 100,000 erasers. (no electricity is used for writing, only the clearance key will have power loss.)

Writing intelligently can stimulate children's imagination and creativity and develop children's intelligence and brain power. Easy to write LCD Writing Tablet For Teachers makes the teaching environment more green and lets baby happy learning!
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