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LCD Writing Tablet Solution

Electronic LCD Writing & Drawing Tablet for Teenager in Classroom

The biggest problem of the standard blackboard and chalk is that it is too dusty. This will cause health problems for teachers and students who sitting near the blackboard. The long-term inhale of the chalk’s dust cause pharyngolaryngitis, or a sore throat for the teachers. And the dust will easily go into the students’ eyes, and cause the eye problems.

Howeasy LCD blackboard is made of eco-friendly materials, the flexible LCD screen can be as large as 58 inch, which is quite enough for small classroom. For big classroom, we suggest combining 2~4 58 inch blackboards to make a bigger blackboard. And we also accept customize size blackboard in you in need of big quantity.

LCD blackboard will be the best and healthy choice for new teaching style.

Howeasy LCD blackboard For Classroom

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